13 July 2007

Maybe it's a bit irreverent...

Maybe it's a bit irreverent and often times just silly, but streammm.com once in a while manages to nail down some thoughts that I myself have been pondering.

"I am less bothered by the way things are than by people's not being honest about them..."

This is the main reason why I get frustrated with politics. I don't know if I have political aspirations, though if I did, there's a good chance my frustration with all the smoke and mirrors would seriously discourage me.

Politics a la mode is a game. Maybe if I view it as such it would be more palatable, however the results of political choices are not to be taken lightly. Passing or not passing legislation can make a huge difference in any person's life. So how does one play the game, but still remember the reason for trying out?

† I was going to [sic] streammm for the use of the possessive but it turns out it's correct. In streammm's own words, "Don't [sic] me, my grammar is TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT."